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My name is Garth Notley,
I'm a Dance Master

Ann and Garth after the Grand Malta Ball

Ann and Garth the day after the Grand Malta Ball

Welcome to my website!

My wife and I would like to organise your next Regency Ball

Have a look at some of our previous events

Here is what we do:

  • Understand and discuss your plan - make suggestions
  • Help you visit, choose and book the best ballroom or venue to fit your plan
  • Choose, book and brief the best musicians - we have worked with most of them before
  • Discuss the programme of events with you and select the dances
  • Discuss the options for food and drink, and find a really good cost-effective caterer
  • Run a workshop (or lessons) for your guests to learn the dances
  • Optionally, provide a team of experienced dancers to do a display and/or to dance with and help your guests
  • Design and print tickets and advertising flyers should you need them
  • Carry out the ticketing, if applicable, and collect the payments
  • Most importantly, act as Master of Ceremonies and Caller on the great night

We do some or all of the above, depending what you need.

We are used to working within a strict budget and give quotations in advance.

Just let me know what you would like us to do.

Start Here

Here are some of my favourite reasons (excuses!) for holding a Regency Ball

  • "For my wife Amanda's 40th Birthday"
  • "To launch my new Regency Romance book"
  • "To comemorate the Battle of Trafalger"
  • "To raise funds for my favourite charity"
  • "It was the 200th anniversary of our town hall"
  • "A Grand Regency Wedding for Cressy and Paul "
  • "Just because I love to dress up and dance!"
  • "Our Jonathon's 18th Birthday Party"
  • "As a TV documentary to launch a film"
  • "A party for our Silver Wedding"
  • "A Pride and Prejudice Ball for us Janeites"
  • "I wanted it for the local WI 10-year anniversay dance"
  • "It's our Rugby Club annual bash!"
  • "To celebrate the birth of little James - he can't dance but he will watch"
  • "Just because it's fun!"

Whatever YOUR reasons - Get started on Your Regency Ball

Ann and Garth between sessions at Townhill Park

Ann and Garth between sessions at Townhill Park



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