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Weekly Workshops
Every Thursday 7:30-9:30 pm
Highfield Centre
Highfield Lane
Southampton SO17 1RL

The English Regency Dancers

My Other Website lists and animates over 2,000 English Regency Dances. RegencyDances.org is an educational resource and a registered not-for-profit British company, number 08954986

This is Our Master Plan for 2018!


For people at any level, and at every level

  • You don't need to be an expert - it's OK to start at the beginning

  • You don't need a costume - just wear light clothes and soft flexible shoes

  • You don't need to bring a partner - you will find partners here

You are welcome to join us

  • Stage 1: We go to the Workshops to learn and perform the dances. These are fun social occasions which improve our posture and keep us fit even if we never choose to do the later stages.
  • Stage 2: When we know the dances, we can go to Regency Balls - they are taking place every month across the UK, Europe and Worldwide. But first we need to be proficient at the dances.
  • Stage 3: When we are good enough we can also take part in the English Regency Dancers' events such as dancing in grand historic houses, giving displays at people's Regency Weddings or giving a Regency Ball for BBC Television.

What is English Regency Dancing?

English Regency Dances are the Cotillions, Quadrilles, Country Dances and Waltzes of the English Regency Era, circa 1750-1830.

You will have seen dancing from this period in the BBC Series 'Pride and Prejudice', 'Poldark' (which uses some of my music) and more recently the BBC documentary 'My Friend Jane' (where I called the ball).

There are thousands of dances to choose from. My other website RegencyDances.org lists almost 2,000 dances alone. We have plenty of choice and we can choose the ones that are most fun, most elegant or most energetic, as we wish.

This is the time of Jane Austen, Lord Nelson, the Prince Regent, the Duke of Wellington and Beau Brummell. The ladies were beautiful and the gentlemen, especially the soldiers in their dress regimentals, were handsome.

In Regency Dancing you dance in sets, not just couples, so you get to meet and dance with everyone. Come and join us - it's good fun!

Start by joining our Weekly Workshops.



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