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This is the boring personal stuff about me,
Dr Garth Notley BA BAI PhD

Mental Health Warning: Take strictly with a pinch of salt!

  • I live near Winchester, England (think Watership Down and the rabbits)
  • I am married to the most intelligent and beautiful person in the world
  • I have three wonderful grown-up children all being creative and earning good money in different parts of the world (Theatre in London, Art & Writing in Cornwall, and Computing in Portland, Oregon)
  • I was born circa 1795...
  • As a teenager I started Scottish Dancing, and due to a very unlikely combination of circumstances (pesky aliens - don't even think about it!) I had to take over as teacher for our group - which is where I developed my bossy nature
  • I've been teaching dancing on and off ever since - including the four years when I lived in the States
  • I became addicted to English Regency Dancing fifteen years ago - the combination of energy, balletic elegance and the glamorous history of Regency England - it gets me every time!
  • Plus, getting to dance displays and do balls in fabulous historical buildings around Europe
  • Plus, the costumes look fabulous too - both for the men and especially (sigh!) the ladies
  • I have called dances in England, USA, Malta, Hungary and (next April - a first for me) France.
  • I got my PhD at Cambridge University
  • My earlier degrees were in Engineering and Industrial Law, both at Trinity College, Dublin - where I learned the gift of the gab
  • I ran a group of companies, from which I am now retired.
  • I now run RegencyDances.org, a not-for-profit company registered in England, dedicated to the promulgation of resources for Regency dancers worldwide
  • I am also proud of creating the Dance Masters' Companion series of historically accurate Regency Dance music - please buy one of our CDs!
  •  --- and ---
  • My career is now 'Dance Master', at your service!

Garth at Chawton House

Garth at Chawton House



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