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Your Hosts, Caller and Musicians

The Caller and Ball Organiser

The ball will be organised and called by Garth Notley, who has many years of experience both as a dancer and a caller.

He is also the founder and editor of RegencyDances.org - a not-for-profit company dedicated to research and the creation of authentic music for Regency dancing and a free learning website that demonstrates the dances and steps of the English Regency period through animation, notation, music and example videos.

(Instructions for all of the dances for this ball may be found on that site.)

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Garth Notley

Garth Notley: Caller and Ball Organiser

Rachel Dalziel

Rachel Dalziel: Founder of DWD

The Duke of Wellington's Dancers

The ball is hosted by the Duke of Wellington's Dancers, a friendly group of ladies and gentlemen based in Southampton who meet to learn dances of the Napoleonic and Regency eras.

They attend and participate in balls and pleasure trips all over the world and perform displays of the dances of the period at venues across the UK. They will be delighted to dance with you and assist you.

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The Pemberley Players

The Pemberley Players, led by David Fleming-Williams, played all the Dance Music in the 2007 ITV adaptation of Jane Austen's 'Northanger Abbey', and played in the Brockett Hall where the famous Netherfield Ball was filmed in the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice. They have been adding their musical fire to Regency ballrooms for over 20 years.

David Fleming-Williams first played the violin at the age of 3. Despite his early classical training he prefers playing dance music, and says he only takes on projects that are enjoyable!

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The Pemberley Players

The Pemberley Players


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