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Highfield Centre
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The English Regency Dancers

My Other Website lists and animates over 2,000 English Regency Dances. RegencyDances.org is an educational resource and a registered not-for-profit British company, number 08954986


So, You'd like to have a Regency Ball?


This is our standard Starter Form

It commits you to nothing - it's just to help clarify your mind and give me an idea what you want. This will be the start of a conversation, in which we pin down exactly what you would like to happen and agree a budget. Fill it in as best you can, and feel free to follow it up by an email to admin@EnglishRegencyDancers.org as well if you wish

(Note: All your information will be held securely in confidence.)


Garth calling at the BBC Ball

Your name:
Your email address:
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What is your ball called?:
What date is your ball?:
Aproximately how many guests?:
Tell me about your ballroom (if you have chosen it yet):
Note: Regency dancing takes a lot of space. You will need a good floor and at least 10ft x 10ft for every 8 guests.
Will you want a live band or recorded music?:
Will there be a meal?:
What about drinks?:
What level Regency dancers are your guests?:
Would you like a workshop for your guests to practice the dances?: Yes No
Would you like to hire a team of 8-12 dancers to give a display and to dance with your guests? (A popular option): Yes No
Would you like me to handle the ticketing (including collecting money if applicable)?: Yes No
Add any other comments:




Contact admin@EnglishRegencyDancers.org

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