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The English Regency Dancers

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Let's Have a Ball!

My wife and I, supported by The English Regency Dancers, would like to organise your next Regency Event

Ann and Garth after the Grand Malta Ball

Ann and Garth the day after the Grand Malta Ball

A Regency Event can range from a simple lesson in Regency Dancing just for fun, through a display of Regency Dancing by our team of experienced dancers, to a full-blown Regency Ball with all the trimmings

Here are the kind of things we do -

  • A Lesson:   A lesson in Regency Dancing can be an entertaining activity for a party, a group celebration or in the days winding up to a wedding. We arrive in period costume with recorded music and a programme of dances. All you will need to provide is a hall with enough room to dance and your guests. This is the simplest kind of event, and, of course, the cheapest.

  • A Display:   This is particularly suitable for attracting visitors to 18th or 19th century houses or events. A display of Regency Dancing by our dancers is a colourful and interesting entertainment, particularly if you are celebrating some historical event or drawing in visitors to a beautiful historical house. We usually combine this with some simple audience participation dances, which are always very popular with your visitors. We have danced for Great Houses, Weddings, Anniversaries, Book Reviews, Birthdays, Television and a hundred other types of event.

  • A Ball:   One automatically thinks of the grand balls of Regency Romance, but many balls were quite small affairs held at home, or a village 'hop' at the local Assembly Rooms (such as when Mr Darcy first meets Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice). Thus a Ball can range from the ultra-grand event with fine wine, dinner and speeches to the friendly and homely dancing party - and we love to organise whichever you you have in mind. As a special favourite of ours - we have found that a Regency Ball can be ideal for a family gathering because all ages can enjoy it together, from the octogenarian great-aunts exchanging views to the lively granchildren burning off energy.

  • Film or Television:   If this is what you need, we have the experience, the dancers and the costumes - talk to us.

- or, of course, we can do anywhere in between. Tell us what you would like.

Have a look at some of our Previous Events

Here are some of the ways we can help you:

  • Understand and discuss your plan - make suggestions
  • Help you visit, choose and book a ballroom or venue to fit your plan
  • Choose, book and brief the musicians - we have worked with most of them before
  • Discuss the programme of events with you and select the dances
  • Discuss the options for food and drink, if applicable, and help find a good cost-effective caterer
  • Run workshops/lessons for your guests or actors to learn the dances
  • Optionally, provide a team of experienced dancers to do a display and/or to dance with and help your guests
  • Work with your director or film crew on dances, costumes, lighting and angles
  • Design and print tickets and advertising flyers should you need them
  • Carry out the ticketing, if applicable, and collect the payments
  • Most importantly, act as Master of Ceremonies and Caller on the great night

We do some or all of the above, depending what you need.

We are used to working within a strict budget and give quotations in advance.

Just let me know what you would like us to do.

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Ann and Garth between sessions at Townhill Park

Ann and Garth between sessions at Townhill Park



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