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Weekly Workshops
Every Thursday 7:30-9:30 pm
Highfield Centre
Highfield Lane
Southampton SO17 1RL

The English Regency Dancers

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What happens on Saturday and Sunday


On arrival, please park in the main car park. A shuttle will be available to take you to the house.

Boots and swords are not permitted in the ballroom. Ladies are advised to wear flexible dance shoes, not high heels.

Time Event
15:00 - 16:30

Ball Workshop

To learn the figures used in the dances and practise any unusual dances
You may be in costumes or mufti.
The caller will explain the dances and some of the Duke of Wellington's Dancers will assist you through the patterns of the dance.
16:30 - 18:30

Changing, Strolling, Viewing Art or having a Cream Tea

If you are in mufti, now is the time to change into costume. Otherwise you may partake of a cream tea in the old Servant's Hall, take a guided tour of Compton Verney's famous Art Gallery or promenade (weather permitting) in the beautiful grounds
18:30 - 19:00

Reception and Welcome Drink in the Naples Gallery

You will be greeted with a choice of sparkling elderflower cordial or a glass of red or white wine. Greet friends, chat with other guests and admire the art.
19:00 - 20:45

The Ball Begins

The ball will take place in the beautiful Adam Hall. Dances will include Quadrilles, Cotillions and Country Dances. All dances will be walked through and called. Some of the Duke of Wellington's Dancers will be available to dance with you or assist you through the patterns of the dance.
20:45 - 21:45

Buffet Supper

You may collect food from the serving area and take it to a table to sit with friends. Wine and other drinks may be purchased by the bottle or the glass. There will be chairs and small tables in the Naples Gallery. Please avoid bringing glasses into the ballroom.
21:45 - 23:15

Dancing Continues

Dancing continues in the Adam Hall for the rest of the evening


The ball finishes and the guests depart. The shuttle will be available to take you back to the car park.


Time Event
11:30 Sunday 12th February

Guided Tour in Costume and Lunch

A guided tour of the beautiful and unique Georgian town of Warwick in costume. Your guide will be Graham Sutherland, the Town Crier for many years, who has excellent knowledge of the history of the town. Please come in costume, though you may be in mufti if you prefer. The tour will end at the Warwick Arms Hotel for a roast beef Sunday lunch or similar. We will tell you where and when to meet nearer to time.
NB: The lunch is optional but we need to know if you will be eating in order to arrange the numbers. You may choose your lunch from the restaurant menu. You are responsible for paying for your meal and drinks before you leave the hotel.



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