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Weekly Workshops
Every Thursday 7:30-9:30 pm
Highfield Centre
Highfield Lane
Southampton SO17 1RL

The English Regency Dancers

My Other Website lists and animates over 2,000 English Regency Dances. RegencyDances.org is an educational resource and a registered not-for-profit British company, number 08954986

The Weekly Regency Dance Workshops

You are welcome to join us

  • You don't need to be an expert - it's OK to start at the beginning

  • You don't need a costume - just wear light clothes and soft flexible shoes

  • You don't need to bring a partner - you will find partners here


Keep Fit - Move like a Dancer

Dance improves your all-round physical ability, mental effectiveness and active longevity.

The Times said: 'If you play a sport like football or rugby, your resistance to injury will be significantly improved by having joints, muscles and movements that are better trained by dance. Dancers are capable of explosive, rapid movement and sensational spatial awareness. And they live longer.'

Be Romantic - Dance like Mr Darcy

On two separate occasions I have had the pleasure of interrupting a ball that I was calling to announce to the assembled company that two of the guests had just become engaged! What more romantic setting could you possibly have?

If you have watched the BBC adaption of Pride and Prejudice you know how critical dancing was to the life of young people 200 years ago

Stand Tall - Command like the Duke of Wellington

Dance shows ability - the Duke of Wellington insisted that all his Officers should be able to dance. Not only was it important for the diplomatic aspects of life in a regiment on campaign, but if they could not dance neatly and efficiently they were either slow-witted or weak-limbed - in either case they were unfit to command in battle

... and have a lot of fun

By coming to the workshops you will get an 'inside track' on all the many, many Regency Balls, Routs and Soirées that are being held throughout the year in the UK, across Europe and worldwide. Do you fancy a Regency Ball in Wichester, Worcester or Warwick? Or want to indulge in week's holiday with Regency Dancing in Budapest, Florence, or San Francisco? Learn where, when and how.

If you have any questions, email me


The cost is £5 (GBP) per workshop.

You are welcome to just drop in, though we are usually following a theme or preparing for a specific event so you will get more out of it if you come regularly.

Some weeks we may be away at one of our balls and sometimes there may not be places available, so please check and also make sure you are on our mailing list.

All the dances I teach have been carefully researched and the steps and figures are historically consistent. All the dances are also listed in my website RegencyDances.org so you can study and practice on your own if you wish

Where we are:

Next Workshop Dates:
1: 29/Mar/201819:30Highfield Centre
2: 05/Apr/201819:30Highfield Centre
3: 12/Apr/201800:00CancelledWorkshop Cancelled for Bordeaux Ball
4: 19/Apr/201800:00CancelledWorkshop Cancelled for Bordeaux Ball
5: 26/Apr/201819:30Highfield CentreFocus on Basics this evening
6: 03/May/201819:30Highfield Centre
7: 10/May/201819:30Highfield Centre
8: 17/May/201819:30Highfield Centre
9: 24/May/201819:30Highfield CentreFocus on Basics this evening



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